Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ural Tube Replacement

new HD tubes for the ural

I ordered two MSR HD 110/90-19 tubes, one to replace the failed tube on my rear tire and one to replace the spare tire tube. The HD tubes are much thicker than OEM, so the OEMs make better spares to carry around.

Tools need to change a tube
These are the tools I used to replace the tube:
-Two tire spoons  (three is better)
-Some windex
-Some tape
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Step one was to review the following three videos to the good tube replacement tips and technique.

Step two follow the directions from the video to remove the old tube which was a 4.00/4.50-19
Old tube size
and replace with the new one which is a MSR HD 110/90-19 tube with a TR6 valve stem.
New tube sizeNew tube
I also added a bit of tape on the inside of the rim to hold the rubber spoke protector in place.
Some tape to hold spoke protecting rubber in place
Inflate the new tube to 40psi and let it sit for a bit.
Inflating the new tube
The new tube install complete with no pinch flats!
Job finished - new tube installed
I will swap the tube on the spare tire after a few days. I want to make sure I don’t have any problems with the new tube first.
I took the old tube and put it in a big tub of water to find the leak. You can see the little air bubbles escaping in the photo below.
failed tube
I first found the leak, and then put tape around it to make it easier to photograph later. It was a very small cut and difficult to see. It looks to have been caused by the spoke nuts, so I am glad to have put the tape over the rubber to hold it in place in the future.
failed tube

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  1. Good Job Chris! I went through two tubes and failed to avoid the pinching of the tube....but I do know how to do it now just in case....

  2. It's amazing how such tiny holes can bring down the whole machinery, isn't it?

  3. Charlie6: I've been lucky so far. I hope it is because I use the tire spoons versus the normal tire levers and heavy duty tubes versus the normal thin ones.

    Irondad: yes, it is. even more so with carbs and their blasted tiny holes!

    Chuck: You're welcome. I try to write with some detail, so when I need to do this again (in hopefully a year) I can check my own notes instead of google.

    Thanks for reading all.