Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Review of 2009

In making my goals for 2010, I started to reflect on all motorcycle fun I had in 2009:
  • Rode 14,198 miles (2,000 in 2008) -- in order of use: SV650, WR250R, Ural, Super9
  • Took my first "big" solo motorcycle trip -- 4,000 miles, 12 days, 10 states
  • Started dirt biking -- so fun! 
  • Rode in -10F (Minnesota in December) and 96F (Nevada in June)
  • Bought too much gear! -- two helmets (dirt and street) and gear to match
  • Took three riding courses -- dirt, advanced street, and a track day
  • Bought four sets of tires -- two for the SV, one for the WR, and one for the Super9
  • Bought service manuals and started to use them -- mechanics are expensive!
  • Enjoyed camping for the first time -- probably because a motorcycle was involved
  • Started my bike collection -- see the list to the right ;)
  • Sold my car! -- too expensive and it wasn't being used -- paid for the above
  • Started this blog -- to keep track of all the fun I'm having with bikes
I am thankful to have had the opportunity for so much fun in 2009 and to meet so many like minds both digitally and in real life. I'm looking forward to all the adventure that 2010 will bring!


  1. I'm looking forward to your adventures in 2010, keep the posts coming!! A fellow WR250R owner and blogger here...

  2. Bash3r: Thanks for reading and for the link. I added your blog on the right and am looking forward to your adventures too!