Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thermofeet and Boot Glove Review

Riding in the winter in Minnesota is obviously going to be cold. I haven’t found winter riding boot with the level of protection I require, so I’ve been sticking with my Sidi On Road Gortex boots. They don’t have any insulation, so after a while my feet start to get cold.

After investigating passive ways to keep my feet warm, I ordered the Boot Glove and Thermofeet below from Cozy Winters. Both claim to make my feet 20 degrees F warmer. I’ve been using both for about a month now, so I feel like I can finally comment on their usefulness.

I wanted passive heat versus more electric gear because when electric gear fails, (and it will) it fails dramatically leaving you in a dangerous position in regards to hypothermia and frostbite. Passive just slowly gets cold which is nice and predictable.

warm feet in winter reviewwarm feet in winter review

Boot Glove Review

First, the Boot Glove which was originally intended for skiing. It is basically a neoprene cover that goes over the sides, front, and top of the boot. It has a strap on the bottom and velcro around the back. The strap across the bottom makes things a bit slippery when walking around, but doesn’t get in the way of riding a motorcycle. I questioned it’s waterproofing, so I sprayed it liberally with Camp Dry twice.

warm feet in winter reviewwarm feet in winter review

They do make my feet warmer, and I use them when riding in –10F. When it is warmer 20-30F+, they aren’t worth the extra effort to put them on unless going for a ride longer than two to three hours.

Pros Cons
Keep my feet warmer! Slippery to walk around
Cheap: $20 Big ugly logo
Keep road spray off boots  

They seem to work, and I think they were worth my money to purchase. I am noticing some wear from the toe shifter, and may try to glue a small piece of leather on top to prevent that.

Thermofeet Review

Second, the Thermofeet. They were designed again for skiing, but are easy to make work in any boot. They are a multi-layer foil with vent holes that is basically a sticker for the bottom of your boot insole. The idea is just like a space blanket, in that it should reflect the heat from your feet and keep them warmer.

warm feet in winter reviewwarm feet in winter review

After initially only wearing one, I couldn’t tell the difference between the boot with and without. I don’t think they are making my feet warmer. They were very easy to install. Just trace your current insole onto the big sticker, cut with scissors, and stick on.

Pros Cons
Easy to install Don’t seem to work
Cheap: $20  

I would not purchase the Thermofeet again.


  1. Good reviews Chris...

    my feet get cold sometimes, I just hold them next to the Ural's jugs and it helps a bit. Having good socks is key I think.

    of course, not sure I'd stick the neoprene material near the dang jugs!

  2. Thanks. I tried putting my feet near the jugs, but can't feel any difference.

    Good socks are VERY important. I switched to smart wool and have been very happy since. Cotton has almost no place in proper riding gear. It's cold in winter and hot in summer.

  3. Thanks for the review Chris, I've been looking for a solution to help keep the toes warmer in my riding boots, but really haven't seen anything that has made me pull the trigger on ... yet!

  4. Bash3r: Thanks. Let me know if you find anything.