Tuesday, January 12, 2010

SV650 Light Upgrade & RPOC

new lights for the SV650UPS brought more presents today, this time for the SV650. My riding companions have been complaining all 2009 about my turn signals. The previous owner replaced the stock signals with tiny ones. I am replacing the horribly dim bulbs with some (hopefully) bright LEDs.

I also bought some hyper-lites to augment my brake lights, and a new HID headlight to replace the rather dim stock bulb. I still want to buy some replacement twist LEDs to replace the stock bulbs in my regular brake/running light, but I have to figure out which size bulb first.

I don’t have anything nice to say about commuting or the Ural (RPOC!). My stress relief time from riding has turned into a lovely stress generator. The Patrol is running like crap (boggy, won’t idle, won’t stay running) and my patience is gone. Fouled more plugs in less than 30 miles (new ones on order – spares gone). Left jug is 100F hotter than the right. Last time the left plug was fouled badly, this time the right?!

I don’t trust it anymore, and I don’t know what to do. I’m going to call the dealer again, but I’m losing confidence in them. I also don’t trust it to make the hour journey to the dealer.

I changed the rear tire and now the engine sucks.
Things will get better; I'm just frustrated right now.

I really miss riding my SV.


  1. Condolences! Mechanical conundrums suck!

  2. I called the dealer. They think it's bad (running on one cylinder), and are sending a truck to bring it to them. Very nice of them.