Thursday, February 9, 2017

2017 Minneapolis Motorcycle Show

This month the International Motorcycle Show came to Minneapolis. I worked the MMSC booth encouraging riders to take training and handing out the coveted “Start Seeing Motorcycles” bumper stickers. I had a great time chatting with all the current and future riders who stopped by.
The highlight of the show for me was the freestyle motorcycle stunt show. I tried to capture a few pictures and posted a short video to twitter. They barely do the show justice. The flips and tricks were really impressive.
Watch the video here if the embed below doesn’t work:
There were quite a few interesting bikes in the custom bike show contest. These are some of my favorites.
Overall, the show was decent. Sadly, I wasn’t very excited about any of the new bikes the various manufacturers had. I also don’t need any new gear, so many of the booths weren’t interesting. I did pick up some brochures for a couple track day events and some new more advanced rider training. I’m looking forward to those.
Did you attend an IMS show recently? What did you think?

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Riding the Skyway in Australia


My 14th and final trip of 2016 was Australia. My goal was to leave Minnesota 12 times. I spent Christmas and New Years in and around Sydney. For Christmas, I was in The Blue Mountains and spent time hiking and relaxing. I rode the Skyway in Scenic World (pictured above). The Skyway is a cable car with lots of windows and a glass floor. One of the views from the Skyway is below. Very beautiful!


I made a 360VR video using a Gear 360 and posted it to YouTube. The link is below. I recommend watching on your phone. You can move the phone around to change the view. You can do similar with the controls in the upper left when watching on your computer. Enjoy! 

Riding the Skyway at Scenic World in Australia 360VR

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