Thursday, January 7, 2010

First Thursday – January 2010

First Thursday at Dulono's Pizza was a bit of a let down this month. I totally forgot to take photos which I think was related to how many bikes were in the parking lot. Only one motorcycle showed up, and I rode it there.

I had fun listening to stories from Jac and Dave. Jac told one about his ride home from the 61st annual Ic-cycle Derby on New Years Day 2010. I missed it, but have it on my calendar for next year. He rode his little bike home from Bloomington to Blaine at 0F without electrics. I think he did have studs though.

Soon after he pulled his bike next to the garage and put the kick-stand down, he heard a woman's voice behind him. I wonder if she's looking for directions he thought as he walked towards the minivan. When he got to the window, the woman inside started yelling at him telling him how stupid he was for riding a motorcycle in winter in Minnesota. Was he crazy she screamed?! He tried to explain they've been doing this every year for 61 years which just made her more irate. She announced she was a motorcycle safety instructor and had never heard of something so insane. He turned to walk back up the driveway, but she continued. With a laugh, he told us he then used some rather unfriendly language that he wouldn't repeat and went into the house.

I met up with a few friends who didn't have much of anything nice to say about my choice of winter transportation. I think they're scared and jealous, and so feel the need to bring me down too. They were like crabs pulling each other down when one tries to escape the from the pot. I know they mean well, but they came off completely opposite.

The ride back home was very enjoyable. It was 0F and the electrics were working well. The roads were empty with almost no traffic. I really wanted to keep riding, but it was getting quite late.


  1. So what's up with your "friends"? No joy there!

  2. Disappointingly, it has been a common reaction to my winter riding in MN. I guess it is a good character builder :)