Friday, January 8, 2010

Commuting - January 8

Apparently spark plugs aren't supposed to look like the picture to the left. Who knew? :) The Ural was idling very rough this morning and had about half the power it should.

I made it about two blocks and turned around for home to troubleshoot. Plenty of gas? check. Good battery? check. Pulled the left plug and found the top one in the photo... not good. I swapped it with my spare, and then also swapped the one on the right. The top plug from the left jug was cool compared to the one on the right which nearly burned my hand. I was likely only running on one cylinder. Now I know what that feels like, a bonus I guess.

The messing around made me an hour late for work, but because of it I was able to enjoy a really beautiful sunrise. I know... I should have taken a photo or two.... but I wanted to get to work.


  1. Chris:

    I'm not sure how being late works with your company. You may be "docked" time for arriving late, but if you were sick, then you may have been paid "sick time", that's the way it is here for the hourly workers.

    so if you get sick days, then you could have had a paid day riding around on your Ural.

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  2. Bob: I'm hourly, but I am lucky to have a good boss that will let me just make up the time. I didn't miss a meeting, so no big deal.

  3. looks like you're running too rich?

  4. Charlie6: I'm in a tough spot with the carbs. When it gets really cold (sub zero), it wants to run lean because the jugs get too cold. I have to have the enrichers on for a long time. I try to use them as little as possible because they cause it to run rich and gunk things up.

    Plugs are only $3-4 for two and easy to swap, so I'll suffer with it for a bit. The mechanics I talked to said I'm kinda stuck.

    I might try to invent a fairing for the jugs when it gets below zero.