Monday, October 27, 2014

Saint Paul Becoming More Motorcycle Friendly

While walking recently in downtown St. Paul, I noticed some new parking meters with pictures of motorcycles on them. I have seen several more since. St. Paul is becoming more motorcycle friendly by offering motorcycle only parking meters. Most of the spaces I saw were too small to fit a car, so this is a nice way to maximize parking revenues as well. Nice job St. Paul!


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Motorcycle First Thursday–October 2014


Last week was Motorcycle First Thursday at Dulono’s Pizza in Minneapolis. It rained heavily most of the day, so attendance via motorcycle was very low. I counted eight bikes including my own. I’ve seen more riders in December! It was quite a difference from September which had the parking lot crawling with people and the air buzzing with motorcycle exhaust.

Inside was warm and full of people talking bikes. I chatted with a few friends before calling it an early night. The rain finally stopped before I left which made the ride home much more enjoyable. I love the crisp feeling of a night ride in the fall. The cool breeze creeping in around all the vents and gaps in your gear to keep you extra sharp and attentive.

I wonder how many will show up next month…