Thursday, January 28, 2010

Uraling Around – January 28

Free motorcycle parkingThe sun was shining and it warmed up to 4F, so I had to go for a ride today. I needed to run a few errands, and was very pleased to find free motorcycle parking as shown in the photo.

I had a good time riding around enjoying the snow, sun, and blue sky. I tried to visit a couple frozen lakes, but found the first one with a large snow drift covering the entrance. I didn’t want to get stuck, so I went to Lake Johanna again. A group of kids waves as I roared out onto the lake in 2WD. Ok, so Ural’s don’t really roar or go fast, but you get the idea. :) 

Immediately after leaving the shore, I could hear ice cracking. I made a very fast u-turn, which isn’t easy in 2WD, and went back. This past weekend it was in the mid 30s with freezing raining. I didn’t expect that little bit of rain to make a difference, but the loud cracking sent me to shore. Better to be safe than frozen under a lake.

My left Gerbing G3 heated glove has been acting up lately. I can’t believe that I’m having trouble again. The left glove is not really warm at all and the right glove is quite warm. I got smart today, and wore a thin liner glove under my left glove and was finally comfortable. I think I will try that again tomorrow without any heat.

Fortunately, my heated vest is still working great. I still plan on getting a Gerbing heated jacket at the motorcycle show next week. It will be warmer, and I will get to wear less wires! I also hope they can just swap my gloves for a pair that works, so I don’t have to send them in. I haven’t heard any update on the Tourmaster gloves I sent in for warranty last month either.

minneapolis skyline with metrodome

The above is a picture of the Minneapolis skyline with the metrodome taken from just south east of I35W and Washington Ave.

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