Monday, January 4, 2010

-11F Commuting – January 4

A new year and already a new record for coldest riding temps: –11F (-24C)! At first I didn’t think it was very cold It had to be at least 20F, but then I saw the temperature on the usual sign: -11F.

My new helmet actually allows me to ride with the visor completely closed. It has been so long since I’ve been able to ride with a completely sealed visor, I forgot how nice it is. I am loving my new helmet and will write up an initial review soon. The entire way to work and back without fogging! So nice!

On the way home, it as warmed up considerably (11F) thanks to the clear blue skies. The Ural worked flawlessly today, and I really had a great time riding.


  1. Brrr! Warm at 11º, well, if you say so.

    What helmet did you find that doesn't fog when closed?

  2. With the right gear, 11 is very comfortable.
    I just wrote my initial review here: a Ski-Doo Modular 2.