Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ural Headlight Replacement

old headlight looks ok, but only highbeam works

The headlight on my 2009 Ural Patrol quit working the other day on the way to work. The low beam just went out. Fortunately, the high beam still worked, so I could get to work in the dark.

fuse block above left fork

I first checked the fuses just above the left front fork, but they were all still good.

headlight relays under left seat cover

I tried checking the relays. Since they are the same, I swapped them around: highbeam still working, but no low. I put them back to their original spots.

fairing/windshield removedfairing/windshield removed

I took the windshield/fairing off and checked the bulb. It looked good, so I was off to the store to get a new headlight. I would have just gone to the dealer to have it replaced under the warranty, but they are an hour away and do not have convenient winter hours.

New headlight

I purchased a Sylvania Silverstar H6024 for $25.

Tools need to replace the headlight:

tools needed 






After the fairing is removed, remove the screw at the bottom of the headlight and rotate it up to remove it.

remove this screw

new headlight works

I unplugged the old headlight, and installed the new one. It works!

the clips

There are four clips that hold the headlight into the housing, and I found them a bit of a pain to put back in until I grabbed a pair of needle nose pliers.

space the clips out

Install two of them to hold things together and then line up the headlight in the holder.

line up the headlight in the housing

I used the nub and the screw to line things up.

space the clips out

Install the other two clips evenly spaced around the back of the bulb.

New headlight installed

Reinstalled the headlight, and put everything back together.

I’m glad it was an easy fix. It’s nice to have a working headlight again, but disappointing it died after only 1500km. As a bonus, the new bulb seems a lot brighter than the OEM one.


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  1. Chris

    went through same deal on mine, turned out to be the switch! doh. but yeah, the auto parts headlamps are brighter than the oem.

    good troubleshooting and pics....

  2. i love good tutorials with awesome photos! nice job!

  3. Excellent. I've had this spare bit of metal in my garage that looked familiar but I couldn't figure out where it came from. Now that I just read this post I can put it back in to hold my headlight in place! Thanks for the post.

  4. Jay: I'm glad you found it useful! Thanks for stopping by.