Friday, January 15, 2010

Ural Returned – Good as New

Ural back from the dealer

I received a call from the dealer last night that my Ural Patrol would be ready this morning at 9am. I was lucky enough to find a friend available to pick me up and drive the hour to get the bike.

We arrived just as they opened a few minutes before 9am. They were nice enough to have it running and waiting, so by the time I finished putting on all my gear (ATGATT!), it was warmed up and ready to go.

As you can see, they spent some time cleaning it which I really appreciate. When the temps were –10F to 0F I didn’t have a method to clean it myself. They spent two and a half days with my Ural and couldn’t reproduce the problems I had experienced. They took it on a couple test rides in various situations with no trouble. The second thing they did after cleaning it, was to check the spark plugs and replace them. Perhaps that was the problem?

I am VERY happy that they did not charge me for any of their time. They transported it, cleaned it, and worked on it at no cost to me. Yay for a warranty and good customer service! The bike is running as good as the day I bought it. Very happy!


  1. I was glad to hear you have your Ural back. I've been waiting on my scooter to get out of the shop. I was suppose to pick it up today, but a phone call yesterday afternoon ended that hope. Now it looks like Monday. Mine, too, suffered from a "mystery problem." It has been looked at before, but this time it finally did it for the dealer and so my trust is sprouting again. I could so identify with your earlier post about having to turn around and not being able to trust your ride. It is frustrating to not be able to ride, but it is more frustrating having "mystery problems". I hope your mystery is solved and from the looks of the ride above it appears to be so.

    Be safe and I'm so glad you are back on the road.

  2. Keith: Thanks for reading! I am very happy to have my Ural back, and I hope you get your scooter back soon. The waiting is no fun! Not being able to ride because of mechanical issues is horrible. The only thing worse is not being able to ride because of health issues.

    I think my mystery problem is solved. I went on another three hour ride today, and it worked great.

    Good luck with your scooter; I hope you are back on the road soon!

  3. Chris

    glad you've got the Ural back....too bad though they weren't able to reproduce the symptoms....were the old plugs fouled do you know?

  4. Charlie6: Thanks, it is good to have it back. I didn't get to see them. Maybe the Ural just wanted a bath? :)