Tuesday, May 4, 2010

GS500 Oil Change

Suzuki recommends changing the oil in a GS500 every 4,000 miles. Changing the oil on a GS500 is pretty simple and can be accomplished in less than 30 minutes with minimal tools.

Tools Needed:
1) Start by getting the bike on the center stand. You could do it on the side-stand, but it’s easier to get an oil level reading on the center stand. The oil also drains out more completely.
2) Loosen the three bolts holding the oil filter cover on with the 10mm socket. Start with the bottom one, so the oil doesn’t drain onto the exhaust pipes
3) Use the 17mm wrench to remove the oil drain bolt
4) Loosen the oil dipstick to allow the oil to drain out more easily
5) Remove the oil cover and filter
6) Inspect and replace the cover o-ring. My oil filter came with a new one (KN-133).
7) Install the new filter
The old and new filter:
8) Put the cover back on the oil filter. I also added some anti-seize on the nuts to make them easy to remove. Apparently, these nuts strip easily, so be careful putting them back on. Use a torque wrench and tighten them to 60 inch/lbs. (note: INCH/lbs not Ft/lbs)
9) Replace oil drain bolt and torque to 16 Ft/lbs
10) Add about 2.8L of 10W40 Motorcycle Oil. I do not run full synthetic in the GS500. Using a full synthetic in this bike could cause the clutch to slip under load. Run the bike for a few minutes and check the dip stick again. Add oil until the F mark is reached. The difference between the L and F is about a full liter.
11) Go for a ride and then enjoy a cold beverage!

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  1. Dear Chris:

    I watched a buddy of mine change the oil in my K75 much the same way you changed yours. I made him lunch and poured him two beers. We all have our own talents.

    Next week, chsnging the transmision fluid and installing a new fuel pump.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  2. Dear Jack:
    My wife made me dinner and got me a root beer. :)
    Working on bikes is easy, but not for everyone. I'd rather change the oil than write a 20 page essay.

    I just finished her new tires last night (post coming) still need to check the plugs and air filter.

    Sick of the chirping bird already? Did you take out a second mortgage to cover the $64,459.23 for the new pump?

  3. I have a 91 GS500 - on the filter casing on mine, the top left (driver side) nut securing the filter casing on was overtightened and broken the bolt. My question, if you have the knowledge, are these bolts anchored, or just in the threads? Can the old bolt or stud be backed out and replaced with a new bolt by vice grips or will more significant repair work be needed?

    Also on mine, the bottom of the three bolts on the filter casing seems to have been replaced by a standard bolt, instead of one with a nut cap, which increases my curiosity as to whether or not the standard bolts are anchored.

  4. erytheous: I'm sorry you're having trouble with your GS500. I don't know if they are anchored or threaded.

    If the bottom was replaced with a normal bolt, it could be the original was cut off, drilled out, and heli-coiled. It could also be like you said in that it is just a stud which could be removed. Good luck!

  5. I had that bolt overtightening problem too. Its just a stud. Easy enough to fix just a pain. I was wondering how much oil find this bike consumes. I changed my oil about a month ago roughly 1000km and today it cut out because it was completely drained below the dipstick. I haven't noticed any oil burning (smell or smoke) or drips on the driveway. Any ideas?

  6. anonymous: Sorry to hear about your oil troubles. There are really only three things:
    1) it is burning oil - this happens with air cooled bikes, but your situation seems quite extreme
    2) enough oil wasn't put in on the last change
    3) it is leaking, but you should see something under it after overnight. Can you feel oil around the filter cover or drain plug?
    4) (I guess I lied) all of the above contributed to the missing oil.

    Good luck figuring it out. I would be curious to know the results when you get it resolved. How often do you check the oil level? I try to check mine once a week on all my bikes. It's quick and easy and can save the engine.

  7. I sold my very old GS500 few months ago. Nice little bike, but I thought I'd get something newer and with bit more power if possible.
    You write really good man, too bad I didn't find your blog earlier. Regards!

  8. MotoCraze: Thanks for stopping by and for the compliment! I prefer my SV650 to my wife's GS500. It's a bit lighter and more power. What did you replace the GS with?

  9. I have a 1992 Suzuki GS500E. Do I put the same amount of oil in? Everything else is exactly the same. Thanks!

  10. anonymous: The haynes manual I have: "Haynes Manual GS500 1989-2008" covers '92 and it appears to be the same amount of oil for all years. Pour the oil in slowly and check it against the marks on the oil dipstick as I show in step 10. Does that help?

  11. Hey there, I realize this is a rather old post, but I figured I'd see if I get a response. My GS500 has about 50,000 miles on it, and burns off oil pretty fast sometimes. I'm just wondering what issue that could cause, and if I should use a different type of motor oil..?

    1. I'm not an expert, but I know that burning oil can be caused by several things. A well used engine will start to wear and the piston rings loose their spring and will let more oil past causing some engine oil to burn. Loose valve covers or incorrect valve adjustment could also cause it. Finally, an air cooled engine like the GS (or my Ural) when they get too hot will burn some regularly. If leaky valve covers, then a heavy oil will slow the leak, but the owners manual recommends 10W40. Hope that helps.

  12. i have a gs500f, when doing the oil change i tightened the bolts two tight and broke 2 of the 3 threads (or nuts) that the bolts connect to (shown in picture #5). Any ideas on a fix for this? I cant get the cap for the filter to stay on with these broken.

    1. wow. that really sucks. will maybe need to drill them out and get new studs inserted. a machinist should be able to help.

      ps: sorry for the delay this comment was in the spam folder which i don't look at often as I should.

  13. Hi there,

    nice guide, thanks for that. Besides the "synthetic oil - clutch slip" myth that is spreaded further here. This simply is not true! Use any motorcycle oil or other 10W-40 that you want, including synthetics, and you`ll be fine. Only full synth car specific oils like some 5W-40 or 5W-30 COULD be an issue.


  14. Does the oil filter Kn-133 fit the Gs-500e only or does it fit on a reguler gs 500? I have a gs500 but when i look at the kn-133 it says it fits the gs500E does it fit for regular gs500??

  15. Hi doea the kn-133 fit on regular gs500 because it says it fits gs500E and i was wondering if it also fits regular gs500?

  16. Hi, does anyone know the correct torque for the oil pan bolts on a Suzuki GS550M Katana '82? It is leaking and I'm hoping it's loose bolts and nothing else. Thanks!