Friday, May 21, 2010

Upcoming Weekend of Trail Riding

I didn’t think I would be able to attend the Golden Eagle aka Theilman trail ride this weekend. They only do the ride twice a year and the area is normally off limits to motorcycles. It is the best riding in Minnesota.

My trailer plans fell through at the last minute. Fortunately, a friend had room in trailer for my WR250R! Thanks!!

This is what I packed for riding gear and clothes:

gear for weekend of camping and trail riding

food and toiletries:

gear for weekend of camping and trail riding

tent and sleeping gear:

gear for weekend of camping and trail riding

and of course electronics:

gear for weekend of camping and trail riding

No T2i on this trip as it will be too dusty and dirty. The GoProHD will be fine, and my little Pentax will cover the rest. I see a crash compilation in my future…

All of the above gear fit into my gear bag:

gear for weekend of camping and trail riding

I put the two one gallon jugs of water in for size. It’s a HUGE bag.

The bike is all gassed up and ready to go. I am also bringing an extra 2.5 gallons. There is about 45 miles of trail where we are going, so 4.5 gallons will be more than enough.


On a different note, I have been overly busy this spring and am way behind in writing my blog and reading others. Sorry!  No internet this weekend, so I am going to get further behind.  I hope to be caught up soon.

UPDATE: Video from the weekend - 15 ways to drop a bike.


  1. Your packing is nice and tight! I like that. It good to get that down to a science. I used to take far more than I used or even needed.

  2. Good packing is an art form. At 53 years old I still cannot draw a decent picture, so if packing really is an art form, I am still at the stick man level.... Looking forward to seeing the pictures / videos.

  3. Sharon: I used to take too much also, but moto related travel has forced me to pack light. I did my 4000 mile/2 week trip last year with just a tank bag and a 40L top case. No camping though.

    Gary: Good packing takes practice. I figured the above out after a number of short shakedown trips. I am still learning each time too. 3 hours of video to play with... most of the pics are uploading to flickr now.