Sunday, May 2, 2010

Howto Remove Stickers from a Motorcycle

When we bought the GS500, it came with some extra stickers. We wanted to remove them.

Step1: get some heat on the stickers to be removed. A hair dryer works best. A heat gun must be used with caution as it could melt the plastics and damage the paint.

Step2: start picking at a corner
a little heat and start picking

Step3: Keep pulling gently while applying more heat.
more heat and more gentle pulling getting easy now done

Step4: Enjoy your new sticker free bike!


  1. If you use an actual heat gun, use extreme caution! You can damage your paint or even melt plastic. Hair dryers are MUCH more forgiving!

  2. The GS500 is a neat bike! I knew someone with one who loves it. It was on my short list when I was hunting for my re-entry bike. The SV was screaming my name though and I couldn't resist it. No regrets.

  3. @reyzie: Thanks for the reminder on heatguns. I modified the post to reflect your words of warning.

    Sharon: Yes, the GS500 is a neat bike, and I have enjoyed riding it the couple times she let me! The smoothness reminds me of the F800GS/F650GS, but it's lacking the viceral quality the SV has. Both are fun, but I prefer the SV. Besides, the SV has way more goodies available for it. ;)