Monday, May 3, 2010

SV meet Q2s

Today, was the day I had planned to get my new tires installed on my SV650. I planned for today since it wasn’t supposed to rain. I really didn’t want to ride in the rain with new tires.

I ordered Dunlop Q2s (160/60-17 and 120/60-17) to replace my Dunlop Qualifiers. I really liked the Qualifiers and went through two sets in 2009. Lloyd got me a good deal on the tires, so I had him install them too.

My first set of Qualifiers last year did 7100 miles and were very worn. The second did only 5300, but could have done more. I just didn't feel like it was a good idea to have very worn tires for the upcoming class. My old rear tire was about at the wear bar in the center, but still had a bit of tread left on the edges. I wanted to change them today, so I would have time to break them in before our advanced riding course on May 15th.

Wear bar at the arrow below (old tires): 
old tire at the wear bars old tire at the wear bars, but tread left on the edges
The sky opened up shortly after I left work, and I got to put my rain gear to good use as I rode through a small thunderstorm. As I crossed 494, it quit raining and was dry the rest of the ride.

Lloyd put my new tires on much quicker than I could myself, and he kept me entertained with interesting stories from this past weekend’s group ride.

Shiny new tires:
new dunlop Q2s on SV650new dunlop Q2s on SV650

The old front tire looked pretty good, so I decided to bungee it up and take it home. I plan on using it to practice tire plugging. It managed to stay put the entire 40 mile ride, and it really wasn’t in the way either.
took the old front home

The ride home was rather interesting as I ran into the same storm again as on the way to the shop. Riding in a thunderstorm with new tires is rather interesting, but I made it home without incident.
When I got home, I found this nice little pile waiting for me:
new goodies for the GS500

The GS500 also gets new tires. The long box is new handlebars, and the small box is holding the wheel weights. I plan on mounting and balancing these tires myself since I have all the tools to do it, and I’ve had practice with the Super9. The WR250R and Ural don’t count since they are tube tires, and those are pretty easy in comparison.

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