Saturday, May 8, 2010

GS500 Rear Tire Replacement

This post documents putting a new Pirelli Demon Sport Touring Rear Tire size: 130/70H-17 on my 2007 GS500F.

Tools Used:
tools needed
1) Get the bike on the center stand to lift the rear tire up
2) Use the angle cutter or pliers to remove the cotter pin
3) Use the 14mm wrench and 14mm socket to remove the bolt attaching the rear caliper to the support
4) use the 22mm wrench or impact and the 17mm wrench to loosen the castle nut on the axle and remove the axle.
5) Slide the tire forward to remove the chain from the rear sprocket and remove the tire from the bike
6) Remove the tire from the wheel. Here is a video showing how to dismount and mount a tire in less than five minutes using the cheap harbor freight tire changer I use.
Old tire and new tire:
old and new
7) get the tire on the balancer and balance it
this tire needed five 1/4oz (7g) weights to get it balanced
8) grease up the axle with a small amount of axle grease
9) reinsert the axle after putting the brake caliper back
Rear caliper bolt torque: 25 ft-lbs
put the chain on the sprocket too
10) put the castle nut back on and use a new cotter pin
Rear axle torque: 40 ft-lbs
11) Seat the bead on the tire with the air compressor and inflate to 36 psi.
12) Go for a ride and enjoy your new tire!
new rear tire installednew rear installed on gs500

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    1. Good write up with pics! The DAU helped me through swapping out all three tires on my rig today.....and NO pinched inner tubes! Amazing what the right technique can accomplish.

    2. Thanks Charlie6! Congrats on changing the tires with pinching a tube. Besides good technique, I find good heavy duty tubes are very pinch resistant. Which ones did you put on? Duros?

      I'm struggling with re-lacing my former pusher tire. Saw two broken spokes. Bought ten new spokes and nipples, but needed twelve. What a pain.

    3. Wow! Had that tire ever been changed?! You're good at writing up clear instructions and illustrating them with nice pics.

      For the longest I've hada desire to get an old Honda CB360 (my first bike in the early '80s) and just learn from scratch how to fix anything on it. That would be cool--it's on my bucket list ;-)

    4. Sharon, I don't think so. The previous owner said he thought it was the original tire. The bike has 10k on it now, and he thought it could go at least another thousand or two?!

      Thanks; I like doing the technical write ups. They feel easier to me than ride reports.

      Then get a CB360 and fix it! I have just learned to do things because I've had to on the bikes in the garage. It might be a fun winter project to do for me as well. That is, if my wife lets me bring it in the house. The garage is heated, but its cheaper to heat the house than the garage.