Monday, November 2, 2009

SV650 Voltmeter Install

I found some time this weekend to play with my new Xscorpion DVM3R voltmeters.
Xscorpion VoltmeterXscorpion Voltmeter Xscorpion Voltmeter
Xscorpion Voltmeter
I purchased two of them. One is going to go on my SV650 and the other is temporarily soldered to a battery tender cable to make it portable, but will likely get permanently attached to the Super9.
The BatteryTender-Voltmeter combo
volt meter combine with battery tender cable

My prototype mount for the voltmeter on the SV650. I have it bolted on, but I don’t have the wires hooked up yet. It is bolted to the bar riser on the right side of the handlebar. If you’re paying attention, you’ll notice I put the mounting holes horizontally when the holes on the voltmeter are vertical. I had to drill new holes to make it work.
volt meter mounting bracketvolt meter mounted on SV650

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