Thursday, November 5, 2009

Super 9 Parts

I stopped being lazy today and finally ordered the missing parts for my Super 9 moped. One of the previous owners had removed the center stand and rear fender. The duct colling below was also ripped in half. It provides cool air to the transmission, and in the current state would provide cool air and water. No good. I need the rear fender to ride in the rain and the snow without getting myself and the scooter covered in grime, and a center stand is just handy.

I looked around on the internet and locally. I sent some e-mails and never heard back from the local guys, so I decided to just order online. The Super9 group claims that Stadium Yamaha is the place to order parts. I called them with a question about a specific part number after browsing their online parts list. I was not impressed with VJ as I had to tell him three times I have a red 2005 Kymco Super 9.

I still placed the order with them because their prices are reasonable and they came recommended. For the record, I ordered the following which should be here the day before Thanksgiving:

SKU   Item   Price   Qty   Ext
19410-KEB7-9000   DUCT COLLING   $6.42   1   $6.42
80108-KEB7-9000   PLATE SPLASH GUARD   $5.80   1   $5.80
80107-KEB7-900-N1R   (N1R) BLACK, NON GLOSS PLASTIC FENDER B REAR   $12.29   1   $12.29
80109-KEB7-9000   RUBBER RR FENDER B   $4.28   1   $4.28
80100-KEB7-9000   COLLAR RUBBER   $1.76   1   $1.76
95701-06020-07   BOLT WASHER 6*20   $0.97   1   $0.97
93404-06016-07   BOLT WASHER 6*16   $2.12   2   $4.24
50503-KEB7-9000   SHAFT MAIN STAND   $13.53   1   $13.53
50527-KED5-9000   BUSH OILES   $5.92   2   $11.84
5050A-KGB5-9000   STAND ASSY MAIN   $40.89   1   $40.89
94101-08700   WASHER PLAIN 8MM   $1.64   1   $1.64
94251-08400   PIN LOCK 8MM   $1.64   1   $1.64
95014-71402   SPG D MAIN STAND   $3.20   1   $3.20
50505-KBE-9000   STOPPER RUBBER   $2.24   1   $2.24

I also received a status update today on my ACF-50 Anti-Corrosion spray order from last month, they are on back order and will likely ship on November 12 which also means I should receive the spray about Thanksgiving. I hope we have a mild November in Minnesota this year.

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