Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Riding – November 15


I finally got out on a ride with my newly replaced heated vest. The old one had died and I brought it in for warranty work. I originally purchased it as an XL because it was only $40!! (used to be $140). The store was nice enough to go down a few sizes on the replacement, so it actually fits properly. What a difference it makes in heat!

Today was 40F. With the old vest, I would have had it on high the entire time, but with the new vest, I kept toggling between low and medium.

As you can see from the photo above, it was a great day to be out riding. I only saw one other motorcycle which was a bit sad. I put in about 150 miles on the SV650. I didn’t go anywhere interesting, I just rode around the greater metro area looking at the lakes.


  1. It's always a great day if we can get out. Having heat really does make a difference! I will be looking forward to watching you as the weather really begins to challenge us.

  2. Thanks Sojourner! The coldest so far has been 24F with 25F a few times. It was 50F again today, so I'm not complaining. I sold my car, so I'm committed now or maybe should be :)