Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Commuting – November 25

como park

I’ve been riding the SV to work most days since those days are numbered. I took the scooter along a different route today through Como park (to the left). It was around 39 and misty. I was quite warm and comfy, but I did have a couple issues with helmet fogging.

The Ural was my original choice for riding in the Minnesota winter, but I dismissed it for financial reasons. Now that I’ve sold my car, I am free of a car payment. I’m going to go look at some Urals this weekend at St. Croix Ural.


  1. Chris:

    Oh no ! You've sort of got that cc Itis disease. You need more cc's in your garage. I think if you get a Ural you should ride it to Colorado and have Charlie6 do his MODS on it to make it reliable.

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  2. Bob,

    Maybe... I still have 800ccs left if I'm going to add all my bikes vs my old 2.5L WRX. I did purchase a Ural today. It's a 2009 and much, much more reliable than the '96 that Charlie6 has. The alternator runs on a belt vs gears, disc brakes vs drum, hertzog (sp?) gears, new crankshaft design, etc. I would like to ride out and meet him someday though. I also need to visit Vancouver too.