Friday, November 20, 2009

Safe Riding and Training

While I was talking to a non-riding friend today, the conversation shifted to motorcycles and scooters. We chatted for a bit about perception and motorcycling. I had been thinking about it after reading Dru's article. I was glad to hear they think I'm a safe rider, but even more happy when they said my choices and perspective has helped them warm to motorcycling and scootering when they were not fond of those vehicles or the people who operated them before me.

It got me thinking about riding next year, and I started looking for training schedules. I like to take at least a couple riding classes each year. In 2009, I took two advanced riding courses and a basic dirt bike class. I learned a lot from all three. In 2010, I hope to take at least an ERC, Total Control Clinic, and a couple track days.

I found two great perception tests on the MSF site while I was looking for schedules: One for road signs and one for collision traps. I scored a 18/20 on both test the first time through on medium; I managed a 19/20 the second time through on fast. They change each time, so try them a few times. I found first a good reminder on uncommon and common road signs. The second was great for some of the common hazards and another reminder to look at the bigger picture when riding. MSF also has the Motorcycle Challenge which is also good. The animations help visualise what might happen, and I like the trivia while waiting for them to load.

I also found the Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Center (MMSC) is giving away free reflective decals. I ordered a set and will put them on my helmet. The MMSC has a great list of courses available in Minnesota check it out here.

BTW: no training schedules for 2010 yet...

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