Monday, November 30, 2009

Commuting – November 30

Minnesota Capitol in St. Paul

It was 28F this morning when I left for work. As I rode, I admired the numerous little ponds and lakes that were just starting to get a layer of ice on the top. The roads still had lots of grip and I didn’t encounter any ice with the Super 9.

Because I was running late in the morning, I was able to watch the sunrise (something I’ve missed lately). I was also able to ride home during sunset since I stayed later than usual to make up the time. The ride home was a balmy 41F!

The photo above is the Minnesota Capitol in St. Paul. I ride past it almost every day, and tonight it looked great with the sunset and the purple-blue sky.

The capitol building was built in 1905 and gives a nod to Washington DC. It is Minnesota’s third state capitol building. The first was destroyed by fire, and the second was too small. You can see more facts here.

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