Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Helmet Woes and Commuting – November 3rd

sunriseI started later than usual today, so I could go vote before riding to work. The sky was clear and it was a deceiving 27F. By the end of the day, it was dark, raining, and 35F. My new coat and pants are great. They have been keeping me warm and dry through numerous rains now. My old one piece rain suit is getting lonely.


The night before, my helmet was knocked off the table and it landed on the left side. I have an Arai Quantum-II, and it uses an overly complicated mechanism to hold the face shield on. There is a plastic shield base plate which screws into the outside of the helmet. Another plastic over snaps onto the base plate to hold the shield which slips in between the two. Arai claims its safer because the integrity of the helmet isn’t compromised by the shield mount. I find it annoying. It makes it harder to change the shield, and it apparently breaks more often than it should.

The photo below is missing the little tab on the plastic disc. It holds on the outer plastic cover. Lucky for me, Midwest Motorcycle had the covers below in stock and it only cost me $9 and the use of my uncomfortable old HJC.

broken arai helmet tabbroken arai helmet tab

I am kind of glad it broke last night. It forced me out on a great lunch time ride to south Minneapolis to enjoy a beautiful sunny day. I also learned how my Arai helmet comes apart and why I paid so much for it compared to my old HJC – the fantastic comfort.


  1. Chris:

    I feel your pain. I purchased a new helmet not long ago and I put it on my seat and opened my top case which knocked it to the ground and scratched my new face shield. The shield came detached on one side but I managed to snap it back in. I'll get another shield in the spring

    Same thing happened last year on a ride to Kelowna. I purchased a brand new shield and on the first group ride I took off my jacket and then removed my helmet and placed it on top. Then after our gas stop I grabbed my jacket and the helmet ended up on the ground rolling on the gravel.

    I think I have found a new way to store my helmet for short stops and at gas stations. I hang if off the rear passenger pegs.

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  2. Bob,

    I've found the safest place for my helmet near my bike is in the top case or on top of my mirror. The helmet lock is also good, but not convenient on the SV like it is on the WR.

  3. Chris,

    I don't mean to sound competitive...but I've had the misfortune of dropping helmets from high places. I'm generally careful with things but for some odd reason I've been rather absent minded about this. So far, 3 Nolans, 1 HJC, 1 Scorpion and a couple of others--and I typically replace them after a hard drop. Some women have closets of shoes. I have a closet lined with helmets. Glad you were able to save yours for little $.

  4. Wow Sojourner, you win the prize :)