Friday, August 21, 2009

WR250R Thumpertalk Skidplate Install

Since my commute yesterday was very wet and rainy, I will instead write about the easiest farkle I have ever installed.

Here is the Thumpertalk Skidplate just waiting to be installed:

The skidplate ready to be installed along with the only two tools needed: a 10mm and 8mm socket. I like that there is a hole big enough to get at the oil drain plug.

Step one: remove these plastic guards with the 8mm socket

and put them in storage, they are not needed with the new skidplate.

These are the four mounting holes for the skidplate:

Step two: bolt skidplate to bike and done!

The waterpump covers seems a bit exposed from this angle:

This photo is a reference for how long the bolts are compared to my 8mm craftsman socket:

UPDATE: November 17, 2009
If I could do it over, I wouldn't get the Thumpertalk guard. It is strong and has been crash and rock tested a few times and has worked great. The Thumpertalk skid plate does reverb slightly and makes the ride nosier for me. I don't mind as I almost always wear ear plugs. More importantly the Flatland racing skid plate is slightly larger and covers the water pump hose and cover better. Read about a fix to the thumpertalk guard here.



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