Thursday, August 13, 2009

WR250R Service

No commuting today because I took the WR250R in for the 600 mile service. It was a beautiful sunny day with the temps starting in the low 70sF and climbing into the low 90sF, just another normal August summer day in Minnesota.

The service included checking out all aspects of the bike, changing the oil, oil filter, cleaning the air filter, and lubing the chain. They didn't adjust the valves like I wrote earlier. The tech I spoke with on the phone was confused as the first valve adjustment is at 26,600 miles! All said and done it took just under and hour and cost $140. In the future, I will be doing my own maintenance; I just need to get my hands on a printed service manual.

The mechanics told me I could start enjoying the throttle more now that we have the first service out of the way. I'm not supposed to pin the throttle wide open flying down the road until after 1000 miles, but I can finally have a bit more fun with it. I am quite impressed! It is a lot faster than I imagined a 250 could be, and I love the exhaust note on the high revs. I think my SV650 has some serious competition now for daily commuter as long as I don't need to bring much with me. The SV is really a pickup truck compared to the WRR as far as storage options and capability. Of course, the WRR has the SV beat in places it can go.

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