Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Commuting - August 25

I awoke to the sounds of a thunderstorm -- strong wind, hard rain, and lots of thunder. I hit the snooze button and went back to sleep with the hope of letting the storm wear itself out a bit before I rode to work. This plan worked out well, as just before I left, the storm turned into a light rain. The dark, black clouds I was riding towards were quite impressive, but the sprinkling was no match for my rain gear and I arrived at work without incident. In typical Minnesota fashion, the sky was clear and blue by lunch. It is looking like it will be perfect weather for a ride after work.

The plans for my first motorcycle camping trip to the UP this weekend are shaping up nicely. I just need to finalize the packing layout on the SV and buy some last minute supplies. A friend and I plan on doing this Mondo Enduro style, so we will be living entirely off the bike for four days. It nearly turned into a dualsport trip instead, but I still haven't figured out the "right" luggage/packing solution for the WR250R -- a giant loop seems likely though.

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