Friday, August 28, 2009

WR250R Acerbis Handguard Install

This post will detail how I installed the Acerbis Rally Pro II handguards on my 2008 Yamaha WR250R.

These are the tools I used for this install:

The instructions that come with the guards are ok, and the ones on their website are good. Looking at the parts I had I thought they were a bit confusing because they referenced parts that didn't come with my kit -- I didn't need those parts either.

Take the bar inserts apart so you can slip the rubber hose over them. Then reassemble as shown.

Step 2:
Take the bar insert and screw it into the end of the handguard. Make sure the horizontal notch lines up. Doing this makes it much easier to attach to the bike.

Step 3:
attach the handle bar mount on the other side of the guard

Your guards should now look like this:

Step 4:
Now, you need to cut the ends off the grips, so you can slip the bar inserts into the handlebars. I started on the clutch side which I would recommend because it is easier and will add some confidence when it comes to using the dremel on the throttle side.
I found this easiest by tracing the lump off the end of the grip with the knife like this:

To end up with this:

Repeat on the throttle side and then use the dremel to cut the end of the throttle tube off. I also used dremel to sand the end of the tube smooth.

Step 6:
Side the bar inserts into the handlebars and then attach the clamps onto the bars. I found keeping the curved side of the clamp down worked for me. I did have to slide the perch for the brake lever in about 1/4" of an inch to get enough clearance for the lever. The clutch side was fine.

Step 7:
Tighten everything down and go play in the dirt!

UPDATE: November 17, 2009:
After a great question from Ray, I updated step six to note that I did slide my brake lever perch in just slightly to give the brake lever enough room. The clutch side was fine stock.

As far as performance goes, I'm not very happy with the guards. The color matching is a nice touch, but after crashing a few times, the guards are twisting and both have bent. I was able to straighten them with a hammer and anvil. During one of the crashes, the guards bent up and pushed the front brake banjo bolt loose and all the brake fluid leaked out. On a different crash, the clutch side crushed the clutch lever after the guard folded in.

I plan on replacing the Acerbis guards with something that mounts to the triple clamps which should prevent them from moving in future falls. I also plan on replacing the stock bars with something more substantial as I have also bent the stock bars.


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