Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Commuting - August 11

The ride to work was a bit brisk today with the temp at 60F and no windshield, but there wasn't a cloud in the sky. The mist was rising off all the ponds and low spots, very picturesque. I should have stopped to take a photo, but I was enjoying the ride and scenery too much.

I tried to take some different roads today, what a mistake. The first eight stoplights turned red just before I pulled up. When I pulled onto Lexington Ave near Como Park, I discovered they had removed the top layer of the road. Road grooves and knobby tires making for an interesting combination! Right in the middle of the park, the traffic came to a stop as construction vehicles were blocking the road both directions. I decided not to wait, and turned around right there. I am really impressed how tightly the WR250R can turn! I dodged a bunch of other roads under construction and finally made it into downtown St. Paul.

It should be another beautiful day with the highs in the mid 80s and clear blue skys. I think the lawn will have to wait another day to be mowed.

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