Monday, August 31, 2009

WR250R Force Accessories Radiator Guard Install

This post will detail how I installed the Force Accessories Radiator Guard on my 2008 Yamaha WR250R. I am quite pleased with the strength and quality of this guard and I recommend it for your WR250R.

These are the tools I used for this install:

These are the included directions and they are pretty good, but there were some bits that I found tricky (removing the top bolt of the stock piece).

Step 1:
Remove the seat by removing the bolts underneath. I want to replace these with something easier to remove on the road.

Step 2:
Remove the ride side front panel.

Step 3:
Remove the stock plastic radiator guard. There are four bolts holding it in and the fan wire is clipped in. The red arrows are the bolts and the green is where the fan wire is.

A shot of the fan wire clip:

I used the small 1/4" deep socket to get at the top bolt. It was very tight, and I didn't want to disconnect the radiator.

Step 4:
Remove the radiator hose holder with the allen wrench. The back of the guard bolts into the frame here.

Step 5:
Bolt the front of the new guard to the frame. This is where the screw driver with the long extension and socket came in handy. I used locktite on these bolts.

Step 6:
Attack the back triangle brace using the spacer to gap the radiator hose. I also used locktite on these bolts.

Step 7:
Re-attach the side panel, making sure to hook the top clip in. I missed it the first time and had to take the seat off and the side panel to get it to sit flush.

Step 8:
Re-attach the seat making sure the front of the seat hooks onto the bike. I missed this the second time I put the seat on. :)

Step 9:
Enjoy your new guard by playing in the dirt!

You don't need these anymore:



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