Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Maintenance & Commuting - August 18

Today's commute was brisk with the temp at 57F and a big, cloud free, blue sky. I took some of my usual side roads and then some roads I don't normally take which lead me to these lovely views of the Lake Josephine Park Ponds:

Of course I have to get one of the bike too:

The rest of the commute was uneventful. For the ride home, I took a long scenic detour that tripled my normal ride distance. It was quite nice since there were surprisingly few cars. I also enjoyed the 77F temps.

When I pulled my bike into the garage, I was greeted by these three spots that I didn't notice this morning.

Upon closer inspection, they appear to be oil drops from the WR250R. I spent some time cleaning the mud off the bike, so I could figure out where they came from. I suspect this is the culprit:

It is the oil drain plug bolt. I tried tightening it up with a 12mm socket, but it was already plenty tight and didn't seem to move at all. I placed a clean piece of paper under the bike after washing and drying it, so I can see if it is leaking easier.

I also decided to lube the chain since it got quite went during the wash. I used this:

It has worked well on my other bikes. Of course, this bike is too talk to use my normal rear wheel stand, so I had to improvise.

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