Thursday, August 6, 2009

1st Thursday - Aug 2009

Tonight I finally attended my first motorcycle Thursday at Dulono's pizza. Every month on the first Thursday, all kinds of motorcycles and scooters descend on uptown at Lake and Lyndale.

I took a leisurely ride down the northeast and downtown riverfront parts of the Grand Rounds Scenic Byway. It was a great ride as usual.

As I rode closer to Dulono's, I saw more and more bikes and the traffic became gridlocked. I ended up parking a block North of Dulono's on Garfield. This turned out to be a good idea since there were hundreds of bikes and people all over making walking, riding, and parking difficult.

There were a lot of custom bikes. Some look fast, some slow, some ratty, some clean, some unique, and one even looked painful to ride.

I had a good time looking at all the bikes and the different characters riding. Most people seemed to behave themselves, but I did see a couple bikes fall over while showing off. It will be interesting to see how far into the year it will stay this busy. I'm definately looking forward to next month's first Thursday.

Flickr photo set here

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