Wednesday, March 27, 2013

First Two-Wheeled Ride of 2013

SV650 first ride of 2013

This week the warmth has finally started to return to Minnesota. The snow is receding and spring might finally be on the way. Today, was exceptionally nice with temps soaring to the high 40s! I have seen a couple other motorcycles around, and have been envious of their ride.

When I leave in the morning, there is still a fair amount of ice around from the snow melt, so I’ve been taking the Ural. After I got home tonight, I couldn’t wait anymore. It was time to get the SV650 on the road!

I checked the tires, oil, chain, and took it off the tender. It started up on the second try, and I let it warm up while I got my WR250R ready to ride. I forgot how much I love the sound of the SV exhaust.

Once I sat on it, it was like putting on an old leather glove. It felt perfect. I had just enough gas in the tank to get to the gas station, and then it was off to an empty parking lot to practice.

Empty parking lot for practicing

I’ve been riding all winter, but three wheels is a tad different than two. I wanted to get reacquainted with the SV. It was nice to practice braking, swerving, and some tight turns. The brakes are so much better than the Ural it was almost a bit scary. It was pure joy to be back on the SV.

Once I was comfortable with practice, I took the very long way home. I was reminded why the SV is my favorite bike. The sound, the feel, and the experience. My face hurts from smiling. I so needed that ride today. It’s been a long winter.

I took the WR250R out for a short ride as well. So maneuverable and fun. I was doing full lock circles in no time. Maybe next week I can ride to work on two wheels.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

MotoGP - Wet Super Slow Motion Video

I just saw this video on the MotoGP channel from the Jerez test. Amazing slow motion footage of riding fast in heavy rain. Cool stuff!

YouTube Video: MotoGP - Wet Super Slow Motion Video

Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Frozen Easter Island

While riding my Ural to work the other day, I felt like I was being watched for part of the journey. On the way home, I noticed two heads starring at me.

It is nice to see someone making something beautiful with all the snow we have been getting.

They did a nice job copying the original Moia on Easter Island.

The only beautiful thing I have made out of snow is donuts. Hmm. I suppose that was more fun than beautiful though.

Have you ever made something beautiful out of snow? What did you make?

Monday, March 18, 2013

Commuting in a Snow Storm

It has been cold and snowy the last few days with the overnight temps in the single digits. Today, was about 29f and a solid two inches of snow already on the ground with more falling every minute. Awesome riding conditions!

As usual in heavy snow, I took the long scenic route, so I could have most of the roads to myself. The ride was very enjoyable.

The camera caught me during a quick glance to admire the snow in the park.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Snowy Lakes Ride

It snowed early this morning for a total of about an inch. I took the scenic route around a couple local lakes rather suffer on the freeway in the herd of cages. It was a good ride in the snow.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Commuting Bliss

Overnight it snowed about six inches. It was still snowing when I clicked the Ural into 2WD and roared out of the driveway in a shower of snow.

I intentionally took neighborhood roads on the way to work to fully enjoy as many unplowed roads as possible. If only it would snow like this every day. I would hate running the snowblower that often, but I LOVE riding in snow! Commuting bliss.

Monday, March 4, 2013

You're Freaking Awesome Man!

I had a unique experience this morning. I was getting my gear on while admiring the falling snow. I walked out into the garage and went through my usual Ural starting procedure. The sidecar roared to life and I pushed it out of the garage to warm up while I finished getting ready.

I turned to go back in the house and I heard a voice behind me. I turned and saw a red car parked in my driveway and a guy wearing a black coat walking up to me. I just stopped and stared thinking "who is this guy?" "Why does he have such a big grin?" "Am I supposed to know him?"

He stuck out his hand, so I shook it.

He said "You are freaking awesome man! I see you often on my way to work. I just wanted to meet you."

A bit dumbfounded, I said "thanks"

Him: "Wow. What is it? How old is it?"

Me: "2009 Ural patrol"

Him: "so cool! Can I look at your other bikes? I ride an ST1100."

Me: "Sure!"

He took a few minutes looking and then got back in his car. I was surprised. It is one thing to have people write it online, but it was a very humbling experience for me to hear it from a complete stranger looking me in the eye after going out of his way just to say so.

I made his day by just doing what I love: riding, and he made mine in return.

You're freaking awesome man, thanks for taking the time to stop and say hi.

PS: the ride to work in the snow was fun!