Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Leaky oil, a tailor, and commuting - August 19

The commute this morning was fast since I left earlier than usual. I took the SV650 today since I needed some extra storage space. The temp was cool and the roads wet. It looked like it was going to rain, but that didn't start until later.

The commute home was more interesting because an hour before I left work the storm sirens were blaring. The ride home was wet as a strong rain was coming down. My tourmaster gear kept me dry, so no worries.

The bike was also much nicer to ride today since this morning I remove my National Cycle F15 Touring windscreen. I just couldn't handle the buffeting anymore and I have adjusted it many many many times. I cannot say I recommend the shield on an SV650. It cracked on me while I was riding across South Dakota earlier this year. There was a very strong headwind and it just cracked from bending in the wind all day. The current is just a small flyscreen which has hardly any buffeting. Here are some pics of the former and current:

I have also positively identified the oil leak on the WR250R. It is definitely coming from the oil drain plug. See the dot on the paper and the slight bit of oil on the drain plug itself (highlighted with the arrow).

I am impressed with Kim's Tailors in Arden Hills on County Road E and Lexington Ave. They fixed up my riding pants for only $12 and it only took a couple days! Not the week and $20+ I was quoted by another shop. I used them a few years ago to repair a leather jacket and they also did a good job then. I will be using them again in the future.

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