Friday, August 14, 2009

Commuting - August 14

With my WR250R finally broken in, I decided to take the freeway today. What a beautiful morning for riding. The temp is 69F with a big blue sky and a sprinkling of small clouds to catch the sunrise. I'm not sure where everyone else was, but I am glad they weren't on the road. The freeways were almost empty, so the little traffic there was could move at speed very comfortably.

The WR250R handles pretty well on the highway, but at higher speeds it tends to get a bit of a front end wobble. I'm slowly getting used to the lack of a windshield, but am enjoying the quiet. The WRR is much quieter than my SV650 at freeway speeds due to the lack of buffeting. I've adjusted the windscreen on the SV650 many times, but can't get rid of the noise entirely. I also need to work on supporting myself more with my core and thighs, so I can keep my hands loose. Riding the SV has encouraged me to learn the bad habit of leaning on the bars.

I read Domingo Chang's long distance riding tips yesterday and he mentioned the Master Yoda Riding Position and it sounded very interesting. He claims it works for him, and I can see how after reading through it. I am definately going to have to read it again and practice the position while my bike is on the rear stand. From the link:

"The keynotes to "the" Riding Position are:
  1. Bend at the HIPS, not waist
  2. Maintain a SLIGHT arch to the back, not allowing it ever to "curve"
  3. Move the butt AFT so the weight is OVER YOUR FEET.
  4. Apply pressure to the feet, using the THIGH muscles, so you are sitting "lightly"
  5. ELBOWS BENT, now DROP the hands to the bars."

2009/8/16 - updated broken link

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