Monday, December 5, 2011

Video: PBC #2 and SBC #1

Another video, but this time I’m playing in the snow with the Ural. This is my second polar bear challenge video of the year and my first solar bear challenge.

This was my first test of the now stock Duro tires on the Ural in the snow. I wasn’t impressed, but then again I wasn’t expecting to be impressed. I’ll use them for another few days before putting on my Snowtex.


YouTube: PBC#2 and SBC #1


  1. I like the two camera format in the video. Riding in the snow looks like a lot of fun. One of these days...

  2. Looking good Chris, I appreciate you ending with a bit of mischief, I do miss that about MN life.

    I'm curious to see how much traction you really get with a new set of tires. All that snow riding looks like a lot of fun, but a bit nerve-wracking. Of course, I used to drive around in a big, rear-wheel Pontiac that almost killed me, so I shouldn't overthink these things.

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  3. Richard: thanks. I'm trying to keep things interesting. Riding in the snow keeps me liking winter. otherwise the grey days get old really fast.

    Brady: The new tires should be much better. The K335s I ran last year had amazing traction, but didn't last.

    Riding in the snow on three-wheels is a lot like driving a car in snow except the ural usually has better traction. the ural is also more fun in my opinion.

  4. The duros seemed to do ok for you in the parking lot....or were they slipping which caused you to go into 2WD? Even then, you seemed to be able to steer OK in 2WD, I thought the rig was supposed to want to track straight when in 2WD?


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  5. I liked the solar bear challenge better when you got to run around the sign. Oh well.

  6. Can't tell the difference between -8 and -10?! Holy f'n crap.

    You.. are a VIKING! :oD

  7. Dom: They were ok. I hoped for a bit more with the number of sipes. braking was poor and so was acceleration. very easy to fling the back end around and to lock up the front vs the k335s last year.

    The rig wants to track more straight in 2WD, just have to man-handle the bars and work the throttle and brakes to make it turn more normal. turning with the throttle = fun.

    Keith: me too. my next post will explain a bit more on the new rules.

    Fuzzy: rofl. apparently vikings come from MN who knew!? =)