Thursday, December 8, 2011

CalSci XL Windshield on BMW R1150GS

Cal Sci XL Windshield on GS

Charlie6 had made a comment on a previous post that my windshield on my GS was huge. Yes, it’s bigger than stock. It is about the same size as the one on my Ural that I use for winter. It’s great for breaking the cool fall weather, but much too hot for summer use. I prefer to ride without if possible. I hate buffeting.

Here is a photo of the stock windshield. It is small and made a lot of noise. I really hated it. For reference, I have a proper fitting helmet, and I usually wear ear plugs. This windshield just had a bad design with a little scoop on the tip that caused the wind to swirl and roar in my helmet.

Stock GS windshield

Enter the CalSci (California Scientific) XL Shield. I started with a medium, but found it just as loud as stock. If I’m going to spend that kind of money, I wanted it to be quiet. I got a set of tobinators as well to help control the adjustment.

This setting works well for me.

Cal Sci XL Windshield on GS

Lots of adjustment possibilities, and easy to take off for summer use.

Cal Sci XL Windshield on GS

Here you can see a shot of me in relation to the shield

heather on bmw

A couple more for good measure.

Cal Sci XL Windshield on GS

Cal Sci XL Windshield on GS

I’m happy with the setup.

I will write-up the install in a future post.


  1. That is a pretty big windscreen. Glad it is working for you.

    After watching Troubadour and his troubles trying to find a windscreen that doesn't buffet with his America and then the Tiger, I am reluctant to ever try one on my Gladius. Maybe I could get away with a little fly screen but I am hesitant to try a larger one.

  2. My first scooter had a massive windscreen. It was great. I got lucky. I didn't know anything about windscreens. I knew it was really cold riding without one in November and suspected it was going to get worse as the winter came in. It was wonderful and not real noisy. I'm not so happy with the one I have on the Symba, but it's good enough.

    I like the photo with you and the passenger. I called the passenger into the room so she could she her picture. She had no comment :)

  3. Trobairitz: It is large for sure. It seems my preference is naked or a giant screen. I hate buffeting. I have tried three or four screens on my SV and all of them are worse than naked in the noise department.

    Keith: ah.. she doesn't like her photo. you can't even tell it is her. too bad.
    windscreens are frustrating.