Sunday, December 11, 2011

Frozen St Croix Scenic Byway

Interstate Park in MN

Most of the St. Croix River was frozen, but I managed to find some open water just outside of Taylor’s Falls near Interstate Park.

Polar Bear Challenge #4 and Solar Bear Challenge #3. I rode 165km (103 miles) at 9F. I took hwy-96 east to Stillwater and then north along the Saint Croix Scenic Byway (hwy95) on the frozen shores of the same river. It started out cloudy, and ended in a brilliant bright blue day. I really enjoyed the ride.

Interstate Park in MN

The river was moving pretty quickly here. I was happy to be the only person around. It was very peaceful listening to the water move past the rocks with the regular thump of the cars going over the bridge to remind me I was still near civilization.

Interstate Park in MN

The railings on this steep hill were very handy. There was lots of ice. During the summer this is where the canoes are launched.

Interstate Park in MN

The day started at 9F and by the time I got home four hours later it was in the mid twenties. I think the high ended up being in the 30s.


Video below contains more shots of the above, and me babbling. Enjoy!

YouTube: PBC#4 and SBC#3


  1. Beautiful river pics. Though I know it means we're in for a few long, cold months - the winter light is always so lovely.



  2. It is a long way for me to come to use one of the free tickets.... I guess I will have to rely on what you write about it. Solar Bear, Solar Bear - I had forgotten about that strange thing you have to do!

  3. fuzzy: thanks! the river was beautiful.

    Gary: a short plane ride is all. the solar bear challenge is more fun than the polar bear since I'm already riding.