Saturday, December 10, 2011

PBC #3 and SBC #2

Polar Bear Challenge video #3 and Solar Bear Challenge video #2 with a blast from the past. 36km at 16F.

YouTube: PBC #3 and SBC #2


  1. Yep, I'm sure your effort circling the stop sign is what makes me miss the circling the sign. Oh well, change happens.

    I'm glad to have our temperatures here. Last night was the first it had gotten into the 'teens. It was great riding weather in the mid-30's and lots of sun. And, here the December sun actually gives off some heat. Now, that's different than a Michigan sun in December and I imagine a Minnesota sun as well.

    How's the new tires?

  2. Great riding. I miss the dance around the pole (aka stop sign) though ;-)
    What is your speed under these road conditions?

  3. Keith: indeed. now if it would snow... then again I love these clear blue sunny days.
    It is supposed to be high 30s today here. I can't believe it. My friend in NH claimed it was 60F there!?

    The sun is warm in MN. It melted the two inches of snow off our driveway even though it never got above 20F ;) I can also feel the difference riding in the sun or not.

    SonjaM: A popular request. I hope to recreate it this year as well.

    Speeds? The roads are mostly clear, so normal speeds. When icy/snow covered then I slow as needed for appropriate stopping distance.

    For my ride yesterday, the backroads were clear, so I was going about 90kph (55mph).