Saturday, December 3, 2011

Polar Bear Challenge (PBC) Video #1

It is that time of year again. Here is a short intro video and my first 2011-2012 Polar Bear Challenge (PBC) video. Simplified rules this year: only tracking points. 1 point for 1 mile at 32F, 1.1 point for one mile at 31F, etc.

This ride was 221km~137miles@29F = 178 points. A good season opener.

YouTube: PBC #1


  1. And, so it begins again.

    It looks like Tuesday may be my first non-ride day of the season. Forecast is for sleet and snow. But, we will see.

    Be safe.

  2. Was there ever a PBC wrap up from last years activities? Do you have to do the time lapse on your computer or is it a built in function of the camera?

  3. Keith: we got some white stuff now, so it'll be more fun riding around. The weather-guesser are wrong more than right, so you might get to ride tomorrow afterall :)

    Richard: I did a VERY short wrap up here:

    The GoProHD has a time lapse function where it takes a photo every few seconds. I prefer to put in a large memory card and just capture video. It gives me more flexibility in post-production. I can do timelapse, normal, slowmo, etc with the editing software (PRE10). If I had used the in camera function, I would have missed the suicidal pheasant.

  4. Brrrr. Good job getting out in the chilly weather.

    Was 27˚F Saturday morning and due to freezing fog we couldn't ride to coffee so we had to take the Subaru. I didn't complain about the heated seats though.

  5. Trobairitz: Thanks. It was a good start to the winter riding season. My wife has a subaru too. The heated seats are nice, but I prefer my heated gerbing coat!