Friday, November 4, 2011

Giving Rides

keith on ural

I enjoy giving rides on the different bikes. “You mean I get to ride a motorcycle and make someone else happy at the same time?” Awesome. I’ve had my wife on the back of many different bikes for a few thousand miles, and given rides to several others with the Ural and R1150GS. I love riding: 1-up, 2-up, 3-up, and once 4-up. It’s all good!

I had the pleasure of spending last weekend with a friend I hadn’t met yet. Keith and Heather drove up from St. Louis. We had a great time.

Keith was looking forward to a ride in the Ural as was Heather. I took Keith around first and then let him play with it in a large parking lot. He did well for his first Ural ride. Especially since his scooter, Billie, doesn’t have a clutch lever.

heather on ural

After Keith had his turn, I returned to give Heather a try sitting in the sidecar. She’d never been in one before and seemed a bit nervous. She did have a smile on her face at the end though. She said she would much rather be a driver than a passenger!

heather on bmw

I asked her if she wanted to try riding on the back of a motorcycle since before today her only riding experience was sitting on the back of a Cam-Am Spyder. She accepted and we took a leisurely ride around one of the nearby lakes. She said the leaning into the turns was “different”. I think she liked the sidecar more.

keith on bmw

Before I took Heather out, she was asking Keith about riding as a passenger. He said he’d never ridden on the back of a motorcycle, so couldn’t offer much advise. I told him, we should change that! I took him on the same route as I did with Heather around the lake.

We eventually ended up three-up on the Ural. It was a great day of riding.


  1. Nice! As much as I love to be in the front seat, I would ride with you any time as pillion or hack monkey. Too bad, you're so far away...
    I am sure that Heather and Keith had a blast.

  2. SonjaM: Thanks! I'm not THAT far... only 1700 miles or 2800km haha. I am strongly considering riding the entire west coast next year starting from the NW...

  3. Chris that's a huge windshield on the GS!

    As to two-up, Martha and I tried it once, neither one of us liked it much.


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  4. It is difficult to believe that was nearly a week ago. About riding the Ural in the parking lot, at least I didn't stall it out . . . or hit anything. I guess that's pretty good. After the day of riding Heather told me she finally gets what the big deal is about riding a motorcycle/scooter. And, yes she did like the Ural ride better. It was a great day!

  5. As one who has accepted and enjoyed a ride in your sidecar, I can understand why Keith and Heather had a great time. You are very generous with you time  and willing to share your fun with others.  They are excellent attributes. Keith and Heather - I am glad you made the trip.

  6. Dom: CalSci XL size. Smallest size with no buffeting. It's about the same size as the one on the Ural.

    Did you give Martha a nice play to hold on? Something behind her? Those were key factors for my wife.

    Keith: More than a week. it was fun times for sure. hahaha hit anything? nah, you had inches to spare! lol

    a good day indeed (and weekend!)

    Gary: thanks for the kinds words Gary. I do enjoy showing people around the city on two and three wheels. Maybe I'll show them a construction site on their next visit ;)

  7. Good times. I think it is so great when bloggers can get together and meet in person.

    I am glad the four of you had such a good time sharing rides and stories.

  8. Trobairitz: It is. I love getting together with other bloggers and vloggers. Thanks for stopping by.