Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cleveland CycleWerks - Tha Heist

I saw this bike, “Tha Heist”, the last time I was getting my Ural serviced at Scrambler Cycle. It is nice to see a low-cost ($3195 MSRP) American motorcycle.

Manufacturer Website:

YouTube Video: Cleveland CycleWerks – Tha Heist

PS: I didn't buy it, and unfortunately, I didn't get to ride it either. Next time!


  1. Wow. For $3195 that is a sweet little bike. How can they make it for that low a price? Nice, very nice and I imagine that will attract a lot of interest from people new to riding and some experienced ones as well.

  2. I'm like the guy yelling in the background, "I like the Ace." I think the Ace Deluxe looks very interesting. I was surprised, Heather thought the Heist looked good. Now, where will the dealers be?

  3. I want to second Gary's comment about the price. You get what you pay for. As much as I approve of stimulating the american economy, I'd rather up the price to four grand and buy one of the new (retro styled) suzuki 250s or, even better, drop that into a slightly larger displacement used machine. You can get a lot of machine for 3-4K.

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  4. Gary: Most of the 250s are around that price. I think it'd be good for a new rider as well, but I'm partial to the misfit.

    Keith: Lol, yes, I remember you like the Ace. I do too. the Heist is probably my least favorite of their bunch, but the misfit is the nicest ;)

    Brady: TU250X is a nice bike too. We use them in our training classes for the BRC. Yup, you can get many bikes for $3-4k; that's what I paid for my R1150GS.

  5. The real reason for not picking one up is that you've run out of room on your header for more bikes. The R1150GS is still waiting to see if it gets to stay;-)

    Nice bike for the price.

  6. RichardM: haha! I think I could squeeze one or two more in the header... maybe. Yes, jury still out on the GS, and I need to actually get a decent picture of it. heh.