Sunday, October 30, 2011

Three-Up on a Ural

3-up on ural

Can your motorcycle do this? Nope. Didn’t think so. We were three up on the Ural this weekend. Nope, that isn’t my wife on the back either. We had some guests who drove up from the south to brave the cold Minnesota fall weather at 55F.

Keith from Twists and Leanings and Did He Ride Today (I thought I was the only crazy one with two blogs!) and Heather came up from St. Louis, MO to spend the weekend with us.

3-up on Ural

We had a fun time playing with motorcycles and swapping stories.

3-up fall colors

We also enjoyed near perfect weather and beautiful fall colors.

3-up on ural stone arch

Stone Arch Bridge above.

I found this stop during the Ural Rally, and wrote about it here: Ural National Rally Day 2011.

More details to follow.


  1. Wow, how cool is that. Say hi to Keith from me. You seem to have the most beautiful weather over there. Here... rain, rain... and did I mention rain?

  2. So are Keith and Heather ready to pick up a Ural now?

    Your Fall looks pretty nice. Nice reds!


  3. I can ride three up! : )

    I've never tried it however, might be worthy material for a posting of my own. Now to find folks crazy enough....or I suppose one of my sons would do along with Martha.


    Redleg's Rides

    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

  4. Sonja: We were lucky to have great weather while they were visiting. Rain? You do live on the wet um.. er.. west coast don't you? :)

    Richard: We'll have to wait and see. The sidecar is the best way to give visitors a tour of the town. All the fun of riding, but non of the stress. They can spend all their attention on enjoying the scenery.

    Dom: Never three-up? I've done it a few times now. If you count kids, I've had four on the Ural. Find them crazy enough? Everyone I've met WANTS to get a ride.

    The crazy ones are the ones who want to drive it! haha

  5. Well I was almost convinced to check out the sidecar thing. Now I find a notch in the other column.

    Hmmm, like to ride alone. Extra passenger space not good!

    Seriously, it did sound like fun.

  6. irondad: replace the banana-seat with a solo seat and pull the tug off and replace it with a platform to haul used-tvs or boxed of stuff for your customers ;) easy to avoid passengers. another ural owner I know took the seat out of the cart, and a back rest on the rear of his dual seat. no room for passengers.

  7. Chris,

    You manage to make me miss Minnesota and my motorcycle in one post, way to go. Fall around there is absolutely phenomenal, but I don't know how much winter I would tolerate anymore. You going to ride that tug all winter? What kind of tires have you got planned?

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

  8. What a great time! Thanks Chris. It was definitely fun riding around. I doubt you can go anywhere with a Ural and not be noticed, but doing three up got us lots of great reactions. I'll have more to say over at my place about the ride and the experience, but heaven knows when I'll get to it. For now I'll just say it was a lot more fun than playing with the Can Am Spyder.

    @Richard: No money down . . . yet. Still have the space issue.

    @Irondad: I have a word for you: Grandson.

  9. Brady: Thanks. Minnesota is great in the fall and spring. The snow is fun in winter, but sometimes I wish it was a bit shorter.

    Yes, I ride year round. This will be my third winter of riding every day.

    I wrote about the tires in an earlier post: check it out here it'll be a bit easier than trying to insert images into a comment :)

    Keith: Thanks again for taking the time to drive up! We had a great time. I have a couple more posts in mind too :)