Tuesday, August 16, 2011

vlog–Driftless in Minnesota

A short vlog to catch the youtubers up on my trip, and to explain my new camera setup.

YouTube Video: vlog - Driftless in Minnesota


  1. Hi Chris, I have never seen 3D before, hence I am curious what you would make out of it.
    For a ride video I certainly like when different camera positions and angles are being used.
    Good luck with your vlog experiments.

  2. This is such a cool, professional looking video! You are the GoPro master!I'm so impressed by this because I can't understand how you nail these without being able to really judge--but I guess like most things, if you work with it look enough you'll get to know its ins and outs.

    Why not experiment with 3D? I'm certainly intrigued with its potential--although, I must confess my ignorance...

  3. I do love it when a plan comes together. May both of you enjoy your cameras.

    I'm curious how many looks you get with the camera mounted on your helmet that way?

  4. SonjaM: Never seen 3D? Not even at the movie theater? I'm very temped, but my tv can't do 3d. I'd end up wearing the red/blue glasses. still tempting.

    different camera angles and frequent cuts help make it interesting. thanks for the support.

    Sharon: lol. thanks! you can easily judge. aim it in the direction and then sight down the top like it's a gun for the vertical. easy. probably like how you can judge iso, exposure, etc ;)

    Keith: I think we are both thoroughly enjoying the trade.

    Not many looks that I noticed. More people were looking at the WR than my helmet. I guess i'll have to test by riding around like that with the SV.

  5. How are you recording sound? you have an external mic inside your helmet? The GoProHD supports external mics?
    I like the way you combine the two feeds, nice job.

  6. George F: I am recording sound in my fabulous recording studio... oh wait, I'm sitting in my office with a rock band 2 microphone ;)

    GoPro does not support external mic which is why I bought the drift. I did NOT like the drift, so I traded it.

    I combine the feeds in Premiere Elements 8. The only pain is getting them in sync.

  7. I have to get Adobe Elements, I have been using Microsoft movie maker, the free stuff. Nice job.

  8. George F: cheapest price I've seen on elements is $36 plus you get a mini tripod. I bought this kit. works great. $36 Element link

  9. Wow, that's a great buy but I already have Photoshop Elements 9, need to get Premier 9