Wednesday, August 3, 2011

BigTrip2011 – Day3&5 Videos

Here are two videos. One from Day3 and one from yesterday, Day5.

More pictures of Niagara here:Day 3 – Flickr Set


YouTube Video: Day 3 – Lake Erie and Niagara Falls


YouTube Video: Day 5 – Fort Ontario, Lake Ontario, and Watertown, NY


Off to the mountains and to catch a ferry.


PS: Day4 I spent hanging out with my friend in Buffalo, NY.


  1. Hey! Love the videos Chris!! Seeing my old digs was great, Lake Ontario!! Whoo hooo! Driving through "the square" in Watertown was a treat!! You went right by my mom's old apartment!! Thanks much!!! Ride Safe my friend!

  2. Thank you for posting the videos. Niagara Falls is definitely on my "list" of places to visit now and I was prompted to lookup up Watertown. I'm looking forward to Vermont now. I was last there over thirty years ago (for work) so didn't get to look around much.


  3. Eve: Glad you liked them! I'm still partial to Superior though ;) Cool! I rode around the "square" a few times, so I made a video. you're welcome and thanks!

    RichardM: Niagara is worth visiting. Make sure to bring your passport, so you can see both sides. I liked the Adirondacks, and I am also enjoying Vermont. It is very pretty here. Now if I could just get a decent internet connection...