Thursday, August 25, 2011

FJ1200 Sidecar Ride

Recently, I was given the chance to ride in a "sports-sidecar" attached to an FJ1200 on a closed-course. I'm usually driving, so I don't get the chance to play monkey often. It was fun!

YouTube Video: FJ1200 Sidecar Ride


  1. Love the sound of the bike! Interesting ride. So you've played monkey before? Racing or just riding?

  2. irondad: I have ridden in a couple other sidecars - a ural and a hack. This was the first sporty. No racing sadly.

  3. irondad: being a regular sidecarist also helps to know what the monkey is "supposed" to do. :)

  4. So Chris, that tug shaft or chain drive?

    If chain, what kind/model/tensile strength? Inquiring minds need to know!


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  5. Dom:It was a chain drive. I didn't inspect the chain to get those details. I use the following two links from DID to make my chain decisions though. They might help you.
    Chain Models
    Model to Application Chart

    Based on your engine size (1000cc) and the chart, there are three choices. I'd get the 525ZVM-X or 530ZVM-X from D.I.D. they have the same tensile strength. Actually, I'd get the 525ZVM-X it weighs .2 less. I would get matching steel sprockets as well.

    Keith: Yes!!

  6. daGeezer: lol. it wasn't, but speaking of painful... I'm upload a video to youtube. I'll send you a link when it's done. ;)

  7. i was a little skeptical at first when they had to buckle you in like a roller coaster. I was expecting something terrifying :)

    i freely admit i am a terrible pillion so i dont know how i would feel being a monkey. Is it easy to relax and give up control for something like that?

  8. Fuzzy: lol! they didn't buckle me in -- just the top of the clamshell for the sidecar.

    I have no trouble being a monkey even though I had just met this guy five minutes before I got in his sidecar. To me it's like being a passenger in a car, but you get the exhilaration of a motorcycle.

    Other people I have given rides have commented it is strange at first and they feel tense since they aren't in control. Then they realize it's fine and relax. THEN they have lots of fun and enjoy it. One commented: "all the fun of motorcycling without the stress ... relax and enjoy the scenery"

    Come visit MN, and you can find out yourself! :)