Thursday, August 4, 2011

BigTrip2011 – Day6 – NY & VT – Adirondacks and a Ferry

Day 6 (August 3, 2011), I left Watertown, NY early as it was supposed to rain, and I wanted to escape before it did. I rode east into the foothills towards Tupper Lake and Lake Placid. It was a very scenic ride with great flowing roads. I was lucky as most of them were empty too.

The birds in Tupper Lake, NY were cooperating nicely for this photo.


Typical scene in the Adirondacks


A little mountain stream just east of Lake Placid, NY


Ausable Chasm


Bikes waiting for the ferry. All HDs from Quebec.

Lake Champlain Ferry

Lake Champlain Ferry pulling into the dock on the Port Kent side.


Motorcycles loaded in front of the cars


The ride across the lake took an hour. Total time spent waiting including loading/unloading another hour. It cost $7 for a one-way. I would have used slightly less in gas and a bit less in time, but it was a novel way to take a break. I enjoyed it.


Some other bikes on the ferry that weren’t HDs


Arriving in Burlington, VT


I stopped in Montpelier, VT which is their state capital. Their state building looks nice with the gold roof.


I decided to continue on and made it to St. Johnsbury before I decided to call it a day. I was lucky and avoided getting wet.

I found a small local motel. They claimed to have wi-fi, so I stopped. After I checked in, they automatically gave me some rags to wash my bike. They said they always gave them to motorcyclists, so their good towels wouldn’t get ruined. I’m not one to clean my bike regularly on a long ride, but I had some time and the supplies. I gave it a quick scrub. The bike will probably go faster now that I removed a few pounds of bugs.

Their wi-fi didn’t work that great at all. They only had one access point in the office, and it was a long strung out complex. My room didn’t have any reception, but they said I could sit in the office with them – not very convenient. I opted to use the 3G on my phone again. It’s painfully slow, but it works.


Video below. I apologize for the rough editing on this one. My netbook only has enough power to watch HD using certain software, but can’t actually view the footage in the editor. I end up guessing on points to cut.

YouTube Video: BigTrip2011 – Day6


  1. Gotta love a ferry ride and those fluffy clouds make a great background! I have to visit one day.

  2. SonjaM: the ferry ride was nice. was able to keep moving, while taking a break off the bike. It is a nice area up here. I like VT, NH, ME.

  3. Dear Chris:

    I nearly wept watching this video. I lived just outside Lake Placid for 18 years, just off the AuSable River. I recognized many of the stretches of road you passed over. You should have stopped to take the ski jump tour, and to see the burial place (and farm) of John Brown, the abolitionist. You should have gone into "Where'd You Get That Hat," and the Cigar Store on Main Street. You should have ridden down into Jay, and stopped at the Jay Crafty Center, where accomplished BMW rider Lee Kazanas has his lair. Plus my riding buddy, Mike Cantwell, lives in Wilmington, NY.

    Are you coming back this way?

    Twisted Roads

  4. I really like the first shot of Tupper Lake with the cooperating ducks. And that area looks beautiful. If I had moved to Ithaca instead of Alaska back when I had applied to grad school, I think I would still be in that area...

  5. IT Geek, Blogger, Motorcycle Rider... now animal wrangler? Getting 2 strings of surly birds to line up like Is there nothing you can't do?


  6. Dear Jack: I'm glad you liked the video. I'll have to catch the places you mentioned on the next trip as I am heading west now.

    PS: your oatmeal is almost ready ;)

    RichardM: it was a nice area. I'd like to go back and spend more time without feeling rushed to make a ferry schedule. it reminded me of northern MN a bit too.

    Rachael: LOL! you're too kind. hmm... where to start. the list of things I can't do is a mile long!