Wednesday, August 3, 2011

BigTrip2011 – Day5 – Buffalo, NY to Watertown, NY

It was time to move on. I had a great time visiting my friend, and I really appreciate that I was able to stay at her place. Thanks again!

The riding today (August 2, 2011) should have only been around 220 miles, but a bit of a snafu finding my hotel caused me to add another 30. What a pain.

I rode from Buffalo, NY to Watertown, NY taking a collection of roads, but mainly US-20 and NY-104. US-20 cut across the up-state countryside as it rolled up and down the many hills. It was a nice morning for a ride.

I stopped at Oswego for my first-ever view of Lake Ontario. I was slightly unimpressed with an industrial plant to the left and a nuclear plant to the right. I guess I didn’t pick a good spot.

While sitting on the bench looking out on the lake, I met an interesting fellow. He needed directions, and I was no help. He sat down and talked my ear off anyway. He was originally from the Netherlands, but immigrated to Canada 51 years ago. I understood most of what he said, but the double accent made a few words unclear. We swapped travelling stories. He was fun to talk to.


I also stopped at Fort Ontario, but didn’t go inside. It didn’t seem that exciting.

Then I saw a sign for Mexico, so I had to stop. Mexico Point State Park. Finally some decent views. I didn’t stay long. There was a giant sign on the beach warning about the poor water quality of the lake. It mentioned some high levels of harmful bacteria. I didn’t go near the water.

IMG_1516 IMG_1517 

I kept seeing signs about the battle of 1812, so I stopped at one of them. The Sackets Harbor Battlefield.

IMG_1520 IMG_1521

It provided a nice place to sit in the shade and look at the lake. It was just a big field with a couple buildings.

IMG_1522 IMG_1523

Sorry if the above sounds a bit off. The drama finding the room I reserved colored most of the day. Apparently there is identical street numbering on NY-12 on the north and south side of Watertown. Google Maps and my GPS both sent me to the south side, but the room was on the north side over 12 miles away.

I eventually found the place. It wasn’t very nice, but it was sort of clean. The wi-fi didn’t work either. grr. I didn’t see much of the thousand islands since I wasted two hours looking for my room. This is why I usually don’t make reservations.

If I could do it over, I would have stayed further east in the Adirondacks near one of the little lakes.

YouTube Video: Day 5 – Fort Ontario, Lake Ontario, and Watertown, NY


  1. Yeah I always seem to get caught by hotel reservations. It's either further than I really wanted to it's too soon... Most of the time it is just the pressure of the "have to get there" thing. Of course on my trip last year I got caught without a hotel room available after several stops after midnight. I guess it's a mixed bag really. But minimal plans other than my route is what I personally like to do.

    William / todkapuz

  2. I tend to avoid hotel reservations in advance as I occasionally get burned and as todkapuz mentioned, the "have to get there" pressure. At the MOA rally, I got a room in advance, had to pay for it, then when we only used it two of the three nights, sorry no refunds...

    Wow, you're in Maine now! (I like Latitude...).

  3. william: yea, normally I don't make them. i like having a more fluid schedule. removes the "have to get there" as you put it, which I find myself falling into at times. last year, my wife and I, got caught up with the no reservations thing too. we also had to ride until midnight when we originally started looking at 8pm. not very fun, but quite memorable.

    richardm: yea, go with the flow and make it up as you go along are much nicer.

    yes in Maine now, and about to head back to NH. latitude is nice :)