Sunday, December 12, 2010

Uraling in a Blizzard

stuck yellow car

Minnesota and the surrounding states were engulfed in a blizzard this weekend, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying time outside on my Ural.

Can you spot the yellow car in the first picture? The visibility was very poor due to the wind. Maybe only a block or two. That was Saturday. The day we received about an inch of snow an hour for a total of fifteen inches. Other parts of the city received a bit more.


It was a bad blizzard. The Metro Transit shutdown, so no buses. Many businesses closed because no one could get to them, and the MSP International Airport was down to one runway. For a while, all runways were closed. They used sixteen plows at once in formation to keep that one runway open.

The wind caused some impressive snow drifts. I heard stories for four and five foot drifts across driveways and yards. Mine had a couple two and three foot drifts, and I went out with the snow blower multiple times to keep the driveway open

After the first session on Saturday, I went out on the Ural do see how it would do. I was also itching to slide around in the snow. The Ural continues to impress. I had a blast. The video is below if you’re interested.


Today, I spent the morning moving snow, and then I went out for a ride to enjoy the sunshine and blue sky. Sure, it was 0F out, but I was warm and comfy on the bike.

I rode around the suburbs for a while, and then ended up in St. Paul. The Ural in front of the state capitol:

Photo tag

A short ride later, I found the advrider greater twincities photo tag spot, the st. paul humane society.

If you’re not familiar, photo tag is a game where people take pics with their bike in a location to tag it. Then the next person has to find that spot, and take a pic with their bike. Rinse and repeat. It’s a fun way to get to new destinations, and find interesting places. I used to play it a lot when I had a car. I didn’t realize they played it with bikes until recently. All the fun I have been missing…

I took the tag.

ADV Photo Tag - tagged - St. Paul Humane Society

and posted my own, the collapsed metrodome. (yes, not a “hard” to find spot, but interesting considering recent activity)

collapsed metrodome 

We received so much snow, the metrodome collapsed. Video of the collapse from the inside. The last time it happened was in1985. They had to reschedule the Vikings game to tomorrow, and instead of Minneapolis, it will be in Detroit.

Here is a before photo:

minneapolis skyline with metrodome

Then it was off to lunch with some riders from adv. Sorry for the shiny photo.

Adv meetup


Uraling in a Blizzard Video (PBC#4):


YouTube PBC #5 Video:


  1. I preached and presided at the Parish this morning. Doris, the Rector at the Episcopal Parish where I am the assisting priest was in Valparaiso IN attending her son's graduation from College and his commissioning as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Air Force. They got caught in the storm and wrecked a car. It must of been an incredible weekend of emotional ups and downs for them. Glad our winter storm weekend here wasn't filled with so much drama.

    And, by the sounds of it no storm related personal drama for you either. Good. Glad you're able to ride.

    Ride safe.

  2. Nice photos!! You're enjoying the weather regardless of its behavior--good for you. Fun, fun videos too.

  3. Keith: Terrible weekend for Doris. Mine was pretty uneventful in comparison. We just had a lot of work moving snow. I did learn that my motorcycle helmet is awesome for using the snow blower. Keeps the snow off my face, and my vision clear.

    Sharon: Thank you! I refuse to let the weather spoil my fun. Just finished -13F this morning. It was cold! New video up soon.