Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ural Maintenance and the Solar Bear Challenge

Every week, I try to look over the Ural and check the common things to make sure I don’t have any problems while on the road. For example, this week I did:

  • put 2-3lbs of air in each tire
  • a couple loose spokes on front and one on cart
  • compliance fitting on left carb was loose
  • tightened fuel line at petcock
  • front tire is cupping slightly 8.5-10.5mm of tread in center
  • pusher tire is 6.5-7.5mm of tread in center
  • cart tire is 10-11mm of tread in center
  • oil was down 1/4"" on dipstick added 20w50 to full

I also keep the above notes in a google docs spreadsheet. Every bike has it’s own tab where I track each detail of each bike.


This helps me keep on top of how things are changing. The tire tread depths for instance, let me guess on when I should order new tires. My K335s have just over 1000km on them and the pusher is half gone.

 K335s on Ural

The goal is to stay proactive and out in front of any potential issues, so I can spend more time riding and less time wrenching.

20w50 and funnel


This week I also found another YouTube challenge to participate in the: Solar Bear Challenge aka SBC.

The SBC is more fun/silly tan the PBC. The goal is to find signs that spell out “Solar Bear” Make a video of the sign and then walk/run/dance/skip/etc around the sign or your bike while chanting “Solar Bear”. Of course all of this on video, an audience is encouraged. :) It was more fun than I expected.

I found my first sign yesterday for the letter “S” and included it in my latest PBC video #12.


PBC #12/SBC #1 YouTube Video:


Chipotle Snow Storm Run PBC #11 Video:


PBC #10 Video:


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  2. Yes, Dom. It's a bit silly, and it is fun. :)

  3. LOL. Going to get burritos in the snow and standing up to look over the snow banks! As for dancing around the sign singing in the snow, please make sure no-one is watching you especially the police, as you could find yourself with a spell inside a nice warm place! I liked the view from the car park - it looked sort of familiar....

  4. Gary: Yup, I've been accused of having too much fun! Wait until you see my "O" video. Yes, I took you up to that spot in the Ural when you came to visit. I've also posted a few panoramas.

  5. Ride on! Dance on! Oh my, can't wait for the "O".

    I'm not much for the videos, my new normal makes watching them difficult, but this idea of finding letters in signs to spell out something is a grand idea, and . . .

    making a total fool of oneself is much under appreciated :)


  6. Keith: :) I posted the "O to youtube last night. Might make a blog post later today. The sign challenge is fun. I had to get google maps out to find a couple of the letters since I couldn't think of any streets nearby.

    Yes, it is under appreciated ;)